The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Norwegian artist Edvard Munch created four versions of his famous artwork The Scream between 1893 and 1910. The video you just watched described what inspired Munch to paint The Scream and what he was trying to express through it. Compare the figure i

facts from the story

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I'm sorry, this is a short answer literature forum. We have no access to videos or class discussions. As for Ivan, once he realized the end had come, he screamed..... and he didn't stop for three days. He spends his last hours struggling against death.

FROM THAT MOMENT the screaming began that continued for three days, and was so terrible that one could not hear it through two closed doors without horror. At the moment he answered his wife realized that he was lost, that there was no return, that the end had come, the very end, and his doubts were still unsolved and remained doubts.

For three whole days, during which time did not exist for him, he struggled in that black sack into which he was being thrust by an invisible, resistless force. He struggled as a man condemned to death struggles in the hands of the executioner, knowing that he cannot save himself.


The Death of Ivan Ilych