The Darling


One predominant theme in the story was that a woman does not have the ability to think independently. Olenka's first male dependent was her father who died in the beginning of the story; Kuklin was the next male figure in her life. During the time she spent with him she only thought about the theater programs and any other concerns that Kuklin had; however, when he died she only waits three months before becoming involved with another man. This man, worked at the timber yard, Olenka made timber her life; throughout the story it stated that she would think, talk, and dream about timber all day. Her attitude had also changed because her husband was a very calm man that placed great value in the religious faith. Like her first husband, he dies and she connects herself with another man shortly after his death; like all her other male connections she engulfs her thoughts in her husband's profession. Eventually all the male connections she has had are gone and it says "She had no opinions of any sort. She saw the object about her and understood what she saw, but could not form any opinion about them, and did not know what to talk about."[4]

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