The Custom of the Country

Characters in "The Custom of the Country"

  • Undine Spragg, a young woman, the protagonist
  • Mr. Abner E. Spragg, a financier; he is manipulated by Moffatt to invest in his career early on
  • Mrs. Leota B. Spragg, a housewife
  • Elmer Moffatt, a cunning financier from Apex whom Undine marries then divorces and remarries
  • Ralph Marvell, a New York society gentleman who marries Undine, has a son with her and is then divorced by her
  • Peter Van Degen, a man with whom Undine has an affair,
  • Clare Van Degen, married to Van Degen, unhappy with their marriage; she is Ralph Marvell's cousin who is deeply in love with him
  • Charles Bowen, an elderly man from New York City, who acts as a kind of observer; friend of Laura Fairford
  • Raymond De Chelles, a French aristocrat who marries Undine after she is widowed; he is her third husband
  • Paul Marvell, Undine's and Ralph's child, Raymond's stepson
  • Laura Fairford, Ralph Marvell's sister; due to the customs of the era, she needed to invite Undine to dinner in order for Ralph to indirectly see her again
  • Henley Fairford, husband to Laura Fair-ford
  • Claud Walsingham Popple, a painter who paints a portrait of Undine
  • Mrs. Heeny, a masseuse who keeps company first with Undine and Mrs. Spragg and later with Undine and her son; she also keeps clippings of all high society events
  • Celeste, Spragg family's French maid.
  • Jim Driscoll, An American Ambassador to England, whom Undine wishes to Marry

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