The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time


Christopher John Francis Boone
The protagonist and narrator of the novel, who investigates the murder of Mrs Shears' dog Wellington, a large black poodle.
Ed Boone
Christopher's father, a boiler engineer. Prior to the beginning of the story, he has been living with Christopher as a single parent for two years.
Judy Boone
Christopher's mother. Early in the book, Christopher writes that she died of a heart attack two years before the book's events.
Christopher's paraprofessional and mentor at school. She teaches him how society works and how to behave within its complex guidelines.
Roger Shears
One of the neighbours who lived near the Boones, but who has left his wife before the story begins.
Eileen Shears
Mr Shears's wife, who attempts to console Ed for a time after Christopher learns of his mother's death.
Mrs Alexander
An old lady, who is one of Christopher's neighbours, who offers information to help Christopher's investigation regarding his parents and Mr and Mrs Shears.
Ed Boone's employee.
Christopher's pet rat.
Mrs Shears' large black poodle, which Christopher finds dead in her garden, with a garden fork sticking out of him.

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