The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Explain how Christopher feels about strangers.Why can't he look at them?


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Christopher says he does not usually talk to strangers and that he doesn't really want to talk to strangers - not because he is scared because he could hit them hard, like he did when Sarah pulled his hair and he knocked her into a concussion and she was sent to Accident and Emergency - but because he doesn't like people he's never met before. 


Christopher doesn't talk to strangers because he has Aspereger's syndrome which is a type of autism. This syndrome causes him to have difficulties in communication and he finds it very hard to read facial expressions or understand people due to Siobhan drawing expressions people do everyday for him on a paper, therefore he simply avoids talking to strangers because he knows he won't understand them. This is leaving aside that he isn't able to hold up a conversation due to his condition, there is a specific way in which Christopher does things, he only replies to questions and usually replies with very straughtforward and blunt answers, therefore makig it more difficult for the person he is talking to to uphold a normal conversation. Also Christopher isn't interested in things that people without his condition have, he has a passion over becoming an astronaut, all his time goes into scientifically thoroughly thinking about science, people will zone out and won't be interested in what he has to say. 

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