The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

In what ways are "normal" people a lot like Christopher?

First, cite examples from the book that describes specific and?or attitudes. Then, tie to those of so-called "normal" people from real-life.(These may be well-known cultural/historical figures, people from your your own life's experience, or even yourself). Just be sure to describe the behaviors/attitudes (CD) before you explain how they are similar

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This is a pretty big topic for the size of this space. Christopher has Asperger's syndrome and is the narrator of this novel. He has the difficult relationship with other people common to those with severe Asperger's, and he doesn't like to be touched. He is incapable of telling lies. When he finds out about Wellington's death, he decides to begin a search for his killer. He is ambitious and wants to be a scientist. He is interested in the stars and science and the universe and by the end of the novel manages to take his A-level in maths. Right there we can see commonalities between Chris and "normal" (note my quotes) people. Chris has interests, dreams, keen intellect....his brain is just wired a bit differently. His lack of social skills or reading emotion in others seem to give him strengths in other areas . Chris kind of reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) as he was portrayed in the film "Social Network". In this movie he displayed keen intellect, creativity, and drive. Also like Chris, his social empathy was quite different. Although he had trouble making emotional connections, he often saw the truth in situations.