The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

I need help with my essay for the novel the curious incident of the dog in the night time. Can somebody help?

I have an essay to write about this novel and I have chosen the theme autism. My major three points are difficulty to communicate and lack of social skills when interacting with others, family problems/issues, and society's view on people/children with Asperger Syndrome (or just disabilities) and fitting in with society. My teacher said we had to write about these points and talk about its use of writing techniques e.g. characterization, narrative perspective etc etc and I'm not sure what type to use for my points. Also could I please have some help as to what to write in for my points?like just dot points and ideas. I don't want you guys writing my paragraphs for me, I just need some boost to start off with this essay. Please help because I have no idea what to write next. I've already done my opening paragraph so that's all cool and done. SO PLEASE HELP!

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I haven't read this, so I can't relate relate the affects of autism to the text for you, but I have been working with autistic children for years. I can help you with the points themselves.......... can you outline what you've already done, just a quick sketch?

So far I have written this :

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night – Time is a novel written by English author Mark Haddon. The story follows life through the eyes of fifteen year old Christopher Boone who is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which is a form of Autism. Being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome can come as a great difficulty for a young boy of Christopher’s age as he is unable to live life properly as a boy of fifteen would. This essay will be discussing about the complications that are usually experienced for a person diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome such as lack of communication and understanding of others, family issues and society’s views on people with mental disabilities.

Having a lack of social skills and understanding comes as a great challenge for Christopher. Mark Haddon expresses Christopher’s difficulties through the usage of narrative perspective, with this technique the reader is able to understand how Christopher thinks and feels.

The first paragraph is my opening while the second is just the beginning of my first topic.

I'm not really talking about people with Asperger Syndrome, I'm mainly just talking about Christopher himself and the situations he deals with.