The Crying of Lot 49

References in popular culture

  • Radiohead alludes to the novel in the name of their online merchandise shop and mailing list, W.A.S.T.E.[9]
  • In the William Gibson novel Count Zero (1986), the multinational corporation Maas Neotek is named in honor of Oedipa Maas.[10]
  • The sample configuration file for GNU's Wget uses as a placeholder for the proxy setting.[11]
  • The Phone Company (, established by Carl Malamud and Marshall Rose in 1991, used the post horn of the Trystero guild as its logo.[12]
  • A Google smartphone app for the third annual Treefort Music Fest (a QR Code scanner in the guise of a nominal secret decoder ring) prominently features the Trystero muted horn.[13]
  • The title of the 2018 AMC-TV series Lodge 49 alludes to the novel.[14][15]

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