The Crucible

What was your response to your character? (Possible characters: Proctor, Elizabeth, Judge Danforth, Abigail, Parris)

Analyze one of the characters in “The Crucible.” Explore the character’s conflicts, motivation, significant actions or decisions, and changes or discoveries.

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I might consider John Proctor. He goes through a existential crises. He is a flawed man but keenly aware of Puritan hypocrisy of wrong and right. H struggles to redeem himself as a man who still holds a shred of honour. His last speech is probably the most poignant of the play. I love this speech. John has a chance to save himself and his beloved wife Elizabeth. Instead he rips up his confession (which is a lie) and screams he can't confess in writing because, "All I have is my name!" This goes to the heart of the Crucible. At the end of the day truth is truth. After his adultery and all the hysteria John realizes that if he is not true to himself then he amounts to nothing.