The Crucible

what is mary warrens behavior like in act 2? she best described as a lonely naive girl is that fitting? has her role in the trials changed at all? provide a quote please.

in act 2 of the crucible

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Mary Warren comes back from the court acting very adult and very important with the responsibilities the court has put upon these young girls. She tells Proctor and Goody Proctor how important the work they do is and she gives Goody Proctor the "poppet" which later leads to Elizabeth's arrest. When Proctor finally tells her to go to bed, she says she will not be ordered around because she is older now. Then Proctor says, do as you please, and she says she will go to bed. Although she pretends to be older, she really is very immature which explains why, later in the play, she gives in to the peer pressure of the girls.