The Crucible

The Crucible Act 2 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.What is Proctor’s attitude toward the people who claim to have been bewitched?

2.What is Mary’s attitude toward the accused women at this point?

3.Why would those who confess to witchcraft be pardoned while those who profess to love God be hanged?

4.Why is Proctor not convinced by Mary’s statements?

5.Who would have the strongest motivation to accuse Elizabeth of witchcraft? Why?

6.Is protecting her own reputation the only reason Elizabeth wants Proctor to “break his promise”?

7.Why will Proctor not reveal what he knows about Abigail and the other girls?

8.Why do Hale and the others continue to believe Abigail?

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1) Proctor believe the girls to be liars and tells Hale how Abigail said Parris discovered the girls sporting in the woods. Hale claims that it is nonsense, as so many have confessed, but Proctor says that anyone would confess if they will be hanged for denying it.

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The Crucible

Why would those who confess to witchcraft pardoned while those who profess to love god be hanged?


The crucible