The Crucible

Reverend Hale arrived in Salem with an air of confidence. Why might he be "different now - drawn a little and there is a quality of deference, guilt, about his manner now"


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Reverend Hale is a scholar from Beverly. He was summoned by Parris to investigate the witchcraft that he believes has taken over Salem. At first Reverend Hale approaches his jib with excitement. Hale, however, is too analytical to get caught in the fervour and Euphoria that afflicts the town. As the accusations fly hard and fast and innocent people are being killed, Hale becomes disillusioned with the witch court. Hale regrets the innocent people that he feels responsible for condemning. Hale begins to see the witch court as a self serving entity. The court must find witches to validate their own existence. Hale tries desperately to convince Proctor to confess dark dealings. Hale is fully aware of the hypocrisy and intent of the court. If Proctor confesses, he saves himself and the court will give mercy. Hale knows this and pleads that Proctor play their game. In the end Proctor does not sign, all he has is his name. Reverend Hale is disillusioned; his world has come crashing down.