The Crucible

name two-three reasons for his emotional state. Describe Reverend Hale, too, at the end of the scene.

The scene at the proctors' house beginning with the questioning of John + Elizabeth Proctor by Reverend Hale

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Protor is defensive because his home is under suspicion. He understands what Abigail is doing with her accusations against his wife, and he rightfully defends his wife of those accusations. He is also prideful, in that he continues to hide Abigail's reasons for wanting Elizabeth out of the way and refuses to admit what he himself has done.

Reverend Hale continues to be pious at this point in the novel. He refuses to see anything outside of what he wants to see. He wants to prove witchcraft, thus, he actively looks for proof rather than reasons to disprove. He as rather a high opinion of himself in this scene.


The Crucible