The Crucible

Lines 316–329: Infer Danforth’s reason for telling Proctor that his wife is pregnant in response to Proctor’s claim that Mary will admit to lying to the court.

Proctor: Aye, God tells us that. But who tells us Rebecca Nurse murdered seven babies by sending out her spirit on them? It is the children only, and this one will swear she lied to you.

(Danforth considers, then beckons Hathorne to him. Hathorne leans in, and he speaks in his ear. Hathorne nods.)

Hathrone: Aye, she’s the one.

Danforth: Mr. Proctor, this morning, your wife send me a claim in which she states that she is pregnant now.

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Danforth needs his court to stay intact. That is how he keeps his job and his power. Mary's confessions cast doubt on the girls and the court's proceedings. Elizabeth being pregnant is a further threat against Proctor should he continue to undermine the court.