The Crucible

how do the events of the crucible provide an oppurtunity for the powerless to weild power? How does it work out for them

must be a medium response with textual evidence from the play The Crucible

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As the paranoia in Salem increases so does the mud slinging and accusations. Old grudges are rekindled and revenge is manifested through successive allegations of witchcraft onto a character's rival. The whole idea of witchery is fertile ground for the once powerless to claim power. Tituba, the slave girl, is pretty much at the bottom of the ladder in this village. She quickly finds that she can not only save herself from being the scapegoat of witchery but also include others without really having anything to loose. Marry Warren, the poster child for low self esteem and neuroses, finds she wields much more power when in league with Abigail than being on her own armed with the truth. Under Abigail's bidding, Mary is listened to by the courts, her court room theatrics are the focus of all eyes and attention.