The Crucible

Giles Corey says that the charges are false and he has evedince. According to giles, why have the chargesreally been made against his wife?

Act 3

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This is actually from Act 2

DANFORTH: What proof do you submit for your charge, sir?

COREY: My proof is there! (The paper.) If Jacobs hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property—that’s law! And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece. This man is killing his neighbors for their land!

DANFORTH: But proof, sir, proof….

COREY: (Emphatically.) The proof is there!—I have it from an honest man who heard Putnam say it! The day his daughter cried out on Jacobs, he said she’d given him a fair gift of land.