The Crucible

examine the roles of each of the women in the crucible. how are they products of the inherent puritan patriarchy? (detailed please)

you may also examine the role of patriarchy as a fuel to the trials themselves, particularly the circumstantial misogyny that comes with patriarchy. it may also be easier to choose one woman and thoughtfully examine her role and thematic significance. for example, how do both sides use mary warren? does she have an individual identity?

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This is too detailed a question for this website. However, the prompt for this writing gives you specific instructions on how to get the writing done. Choose one woman, figure out what she does (her role), how she relates to the theme (that means you have to know the theme), and consider if she is used by both sides of the "witch" argument. The question about individual identity relates to whether or not she is a flat or round character, static or dynamic, and is she stereotypical.

Hope this helps.