The Crucible

Elizabeth says john has "found his goodness" what does she mean by that, and is this goodness related to individual goodness or the communal goodness?

Elizabeth says tat when john is about o be hanged

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John Proctor wrestles with what he must do. On the surface the choice seems easy. Admit to hanging out with the Devil and he and his Elizabeth carry on as usual, such as it was , or refuse to confess ( lie) and they all die. Now Proctor has already done a bit of soul searching. He publicly admitted his infidelity to his wife (with none other than crazy Abigail). Elizabeth finds that this is good. Proctors incessant refusal to give up the truth was poisoning their relationship. Elizabeth leaves the final confession up to John. John screams that "All I have is my name" and refuses to sign. This is an individual goodness. It is spitting in the face of hypocrisy and standing up for truth regardless of consequence. Perhaps in time the community in Salem might understand how heroic Proctor was but, as long as the church stays stagnant, I doubt it. Will John's actions be a symbol to the community and church? I doubt it.