The Crucible

compare and contrast elizabeth from "the crucible" and hester from "scarlet letter" include how their "damning/shame" shaped their lives and their ultimate life outcomes?

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Abigail and Hester have both committed the same sin, but Hester, of course, has a visible sign of that sin. Abigail has caused a rift between John and Elizabeth Proctor, but ultimately, she believes herself to be free of sin when she believes herself to be helping the village rid itself of witches. Hester, on the other hand, takes her sin and its punishment in stride and ultimately lives her life day in and day out to the point that she becomes a model citizen in the village and becomes "able." The truth is that Abigail lets her sin turn her into one who ultimately is hated by the village while Hester adds herself to the village.

By the way: I do not think there is much comparison between Elizabeth and Hester, so I assumed you misspoke with those names.