The Crucible

Arthur Miller asserts that the fact that Tomas Putnam's name is on so many death warrants is no coincidence. What reasons does Miller give on page 14?

This is in Act 1

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Arthur Miller describes Thomas Putnam as "a man with many grievances". Putnam is arrogant and vindictive. We see this long before this whole witch business began. Putnam had people jailed over their own misfortune (ie George Burroughs). He tried to break his late father's will which left a "disproportionate amount to his stepbrother". Given Putnam's propensity for self-interest it is not difficult to understand why we find his name on so many warrants. Putnam saw the witch trials as an opportunity to settle old scores and acquire the land of convicted witches. He really was a nasty guy.


The Crucible pg 12