The Count of Monte Cristo

Who, unexpectedly, attends Albert's lunchoen? What good news does the Count hear from him?

 Chapter: 22

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Besides the Count, Alberta lso invites the minister's secretary and a journalist, Monsieur Beauchamp and Lucien Dubray to his luncheon. Two others arrive as guest, a Baron Chateau-Renard who brings his own "savior" Maximilen Morrel. The son of M. Morrel is here introduced as having saved the Baron's life from Arabs near Constantinople. They eagerly await the arrival of Albert's savior, for he has told them all that he knows of the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo.

The Count learns at this lunch that Albert is engaged to Eugenie Danglars, the daughter of the very same Danglars who was responsible for Dantes' incarceration. He also learns that Morrel's daughter Julie has been married nine years.