The Count of Monte Cristo

What happens to albert de morcerf? what does monte cristo do for him? what does he ask of albert?

ch. 26-29.

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The Count saves Albert from marriage to Eugenie Danglars because he knows that the money hungry Danglars will find Calvacanti a better alternative. Calvacanti is Monte Cristo's "Italian Prince," yet in reality he is an escaped convict. He will be arrested at the betrothal party, publicly humiliating Danglars. Calvacanti is backed by Monte Cristo's unlimited funds and is an example how the treasure of Monte Cristo is instrumental in executing the Count's revenge. This chapter also foreshadows the monetary gain Debray amasses from being the lover of Madame Danglars. The Count is perceptive, noting Debray's uneasiness at Albert's mention of Madame Danglars gambling habits. Madame Danglars is merely Debray's pawn, her monetary risks are influenced by Debray. The Count intends to use this relationship to further ruin Danglars financial resources.