The Count of Monte Cristo

Using Albert, Valentine, and Edouard, how does Monte Cristo's theory of "the sins of the fathers must be visited upon subsequent generations" undergo a dramatic reversal?

what are the possible answers?

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Albert de Morcerf, The Count's son is befriended and saved from bandits by the Count of Monte Cristo in Italy. He thus introduces his savior into Parisien society. He is shamed however, when Monte Cristo reveals the treachery of his father.

Villefort's daughter by his late first wife, Valentine, stands to inherit the fortune until her father's demise.

Edouard inherits his father's treachery without knowing it. A mere nine-year old boy, he is poisoned by his own mother when she commits her own suicide. Monte Cristo realizes that he may have gone to far with his vengeance when this innocent boy dies. Monsieur de Villefort goes mad when he sees his son dead.