The Count of Monte Cristo

name 4 instances of greed in The Count of Monte Cristo

the theme of greed in the count of monte cristo

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Danglars is the mastermind behind the letter, which incriminates Dantes. He becomes captain of the Pharaon once Dantes is imprisoned. He becomes a banker with an incredible fortune and a Baron. He has one daughter, Eugenie. His wife and he are alienated, especially when his wife, as money hungry as he, ruins part of his fortune.

Debray is Madame Danglars' lover. They are involved in amassing a fortune from Danglars' earnings. Once Danglars abandons his wife, Debray no longer has any interest in Madame Danglars.

Originally Eugenie was to marry Albert de Morcerf. However, her father decided Andrea Calvacanti would be a more profitable match. Eugenie herself does not wish to marry at all.

Madame Heloise de Villefort is the public prosecutor's second wife. She is obsessed with attaining an inheritance for her son Edouard.