The Count of Monte Cristo

How does the point of view of The Count of Monte Cristo affect the story? What details would have been left out of the story if it had been told from a different point of view? *ASAP* Need page numbers!!


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The Count of Monte Cristo's viewpoint is personal. Another narrator might have been outside of the action completely, but that isn't the way Dumas wrote the story. The author wanted us to be inside the Count's head, to understand his hurt and anger. We are supposed to empathize with even his cruelest actions because we've forged a relationship with the character.

If the story had been written from another point of view, we might feel sorry for the Count, but we'd also think him as cruel and inhumane as the other characters. In fact, we might believe him to be an even crueler character based upon his acts on vengeance and thirst for making those who've wronged him suffer. The reader would see everything far differently had we viewed the story through Mercedes eyes, but her story is not the story Dumas wanted to convey.