The Count of Monte Cristo

how did villefort ask his wife to atone for her sins?

in chapter 18 -21,book 2

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"He insists that she commits suicide or else he will arrest her as a murderer."


Villefort asked his wife where she kept the poison that she would use to kill herself. She was given until he got back from Benedetto's court hearing to kill herself. Villefort was ruined at the court hearing when everyone found out that he was Benedetto's father. He thought that he could runaway with his wife and start a new life, bu when he got back he found Edouard dead because "a good mother does not leave without her son" leaving Villefort without any children (Dumas, 483). Madame de Villefort then killed herself. Villefort wanted her to kill herself because it would ruin his reputation if she went to jail. :-)


the book! :-)