The Count of Monte Cristo

Dumas based his protagonist, Edmond Dantes, on a true srory he heard about a cobbler who was wrongfully imprisoned for 7 years. After his release, the cobbler tracked down and killed each one of his enemies.

Dumas could be making a statement about this life of revenge. Based on the novel, is he advocating that false imprisonment justifies revenge. Back up your claim.

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I think Dumas is suggesting the exact opposite. Revenge didn't bring Dantes happiness or satisfaction. Happiness came with falling in love..... I believe that as readers we come to understand Dantes' desire for revenge, but we do not support his actions..... in actuality, we consistently root for him to do the right thing. Thus, I do not think that Dumas' intent was to advocate that false imprisonment justifies revenge, but rather to make us understand why and how those feelings can take over in response to injustice.