The Count of Monte Cristo

describe villefort's attempts to keep suspicion away from valentine?

in chapter 7-11,book 2

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"Monsieur and Madame de Villefort live with Noirtier, Villefort's aged paralyzed father. Noirtier's fortune shall pass to Valentine upon her marriage. Thus, in this chapter, the Villefort's proceed to Noirtier's chamber to tell him of Valentine's coming marriage to Baron Franz d'Epinay. Noirtier is unable to speak since he suffered a stroke, however his discomfort and fury at this arrangement is apparent. There is existed much political enmity between Noirtier and this family. In fact, Noirtier was suspected of murdering the Baron's father. Villefort's goal in marrying Valentine to the Baron is thus to allay suspicion of this assassination."