The Color Purple

Why does Nettie come to live with Celie and Mr. ? Why does Mr. decide Nettie must leave? Where does Nettie go?


Please reply ASAP.. Long and descriptive

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Nettie comes to live with Celie and Mr._____ after running away from home. Mr. __ does not like to see Celie happy and feels he has less abusive control over her while Nettie is around.

Nettie was running away from his father's presence as he was abusive and a hard nut to crack, she thought she will be much safer with her sister Celie, and Mr____chased Nettie, because he saw Celie happy at all times and he didnt get a chance to do what he used to do freely on Celie and felt that Nettie is taking his place even though he never made Celie happy. But he got satisfied.


The color purple by Alice Walker.

After Celie is married Netie decides to move in with her and Mr in the hope that she would be safe from his stepfather's abuse.Since Celie his all time victim was nolonger around ,Nettie would be the perfect substitute as she was regarded of still being fresh unlike Celie who had had several children by his father.The two sisters seem so happy living together which makes Mr very annoyed .Mr also starts to envy Nettie who mainly because she was more prettier and eloquent than Celie.Mr triees to get Nettie's attention but she openly protest againist having anty relationship with Mr.This makees Mr feel challenged by a woman ,and this was unacceptable for him.If he was not going to be able to use Nettie for his own purposes,he felt there was no reason in keeping her.Mr then sends Nettie away ,and she finds herself in Africa .


Color purple ALICE WALKER