The Color Purple

What symbols shows the theme of Feminism in color purple?

Tell me some example and lines in the novel.

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I think the character of Shug is certainly a symbol of feminism. The woman who manages to challenge this male dominance the most is Shug, who asserts her independence by living according to her own laws. It is unsurprising, given the circumstances, that Celie and Shug become involved romantically. Shug is a powerful goddess who refuses to be brought down by men, ever vigilant to maintain the upper hand. Celie is a victim of male abuse who has closed herself off from the possibility of trusting men. When she comforts Harpo, who is crying on the porch, she feels nothing more than she would for a dog. Together, these females free each other.


The following link will take you to a great article on the themes and symbols of feminism in The Color Purple.