The Color of Water

what celebration did new brown memorial church hold in 1994? why does ruth decide to speak at the event ?

chapter 24

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In 1994, New Brown Memorial Baptist Church celebrated its 40th anniversary. The old-timers said that God had honored Reverend McBride by seeing all of his children graduate from college. The new minister, however, forgot to honor Ruth. According to James, "he treated her like an outsider, a foreigner, a white person." In general, Ruth doesn't believe that modern ministers have "vision", having told James, "Now your father, he had vision." Times back then, she believes, made for different men. At the celebration, Ruth attempted to read a speech, but after a couple of tries she put it away and spoke from her heart. She said that the church had begun in her living room, and that she was a witness to God's word. She told James that, in order to be a minister, "You need foresight. And vision. You got vision?"