The Color of Water

Describe Tateh’s appearance and personality. What is the simile at the end of chapter 1 that describes Tateh? Is it appropriate?

What was he like? The father? "He was as hard as a rock" -thats the simile

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A Russian Orthodox Jew, Tateh (or Fishel Shilsky) married Hudis in Poland in an arranged marriage. The couple emigrated to America, where Tateh worked as a traveling Orthodox rabbi. He forced the family to settle in Suffolk, where he opened a grocery store and treated his family very poorly. After a long-term affair with a woman in town, Tateh divorced Hudis. He is strict beyond compromise and can be classified as a cruel man. Can you give me the quote of the simile? I don't have my copy right now.

"He was hard as a rock" <--- that's the simile