The Circle

A few times in the story, working at the Circle is described as “heaven” and “utopia.” Do you think it would be “heaven” to work at the Circle? Why or why not?

Why or why not?

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Eggers’ initiation of the narrative on Mae’s first day at work allows the reader to be fully immersed in the spectacular world of the Circle. However, it is not a world entirely hard to understand for any modern reader, as it utilizes elements of real-world companies, specifically Google and Apple, to create the image of a lush campus and human-focused ideals, not to mention the use of the term “Circle” which was popularized through Google’s social media application Google+. These purposeful parallels allow Eggers to build an effective and near-dystopian satire throughout the novel, beginning with Mae’s intoxication under the powerful effects of money, prestige, and attention.The Circle, hoever, is not a perfect place. The reader can sense the beginnings of trouble from Mae’s shock at all of her data so quickly being merged with the Cloud of the Circle as well as her realization that her parents already cannot understand her specialized jargon.