The Caucasian Chalk Circle

write an essy on how the outhor negate the saying blood is thicker than water through the various characters

Such as natella and michael .grusha and juusup.the govenor and the fat prince .jusuup and his mother-in-law

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The writer uses Lavrenti, Grusha and Aniko to nagate this saying. This is evident when we see Lavrenti prefering to to please and stay with Aniko(Lavrenti 's) wife with whom they are only connected by marriage at the expense of Grusha with whom they are connected by blood(biologicaly).


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This is seen where Grusha who is just a housemaid is given the right by judge Azdak to have the baby michael though she is not his biological mother


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The author uses the fat prince and the governor,the Grand duke,his biological brother to negate the saying.the fat prince is carried away by jelousy over his brothers material posession and therefore organises a coup on an easter sunday at the governors palace.he has the governor beheaded and even have the ironshirts sent to go after michael,the governors son to have him killed.


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the main characters based on the question are a lavrenti natella and jussups mother in law

lavrenti is cheated by aniko on the way of eliminating grusha out of their house..... they plan to marry her off to jussup