The Caucasian Chalk Circle

"Fearful is the seductive power of goodness," illustrate the truth of the statement into an essay.

an essay showing the truth of the statement

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In most societies we have realize that those who act to be fearful they find themselves safe.In this case we realize that if we act to fear those in power we will find our selves safe.The fact that most of the leaders have power and we may find ourselfs in problems and this is much applicable for mayor citizens as leaders could use the power they have to supress them and thus the citizens should never be brave to this but act to be fearful.The fact is clearly exposed in the novel caucasian circle by bertolt bretch as seen in the charecters cook,natella,doctors.

Grand Duke decided to flee to seek for protection since his life was in danger.We realize this when we found him in azdaks hut where he got refuge from the incoming leadership which had overthrown his government.He laiter supported azdak to be given as the judge.If it were not for granduke to seek refuge he could have been beheaded just like the governor george abashwilli.