The Canterbury Tales

Why does the Host get upset with the Pardoner at the end of “The Pardoner’s Tale”?

The Host finds the Pardoner’s story immoral.
The Host wants the Pardoner to tell another story.
The Pardoner is Death who killed the three men.
The Pardoner wants the Host to pay for absolution.

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The Pardoner wants the Host to pay for absolution.The tale finished, the Pardoner suddenly remembers that he has forgotten one thing - that he is carrying relics and pardons in his “male” (pouch, bag) and begins to invite the pilgrims forward to receive pardon, inciting the Host to be the first to receive his pardon. “Unbokele anon thy purs”, he says to the Host, who responds that the Pardoner is trying to make him kiss “thyn old breech” (your old pants), swearing it is a relic, when actually it is just painted with his shit. I wish, the Host says, I had your “coillons” (testicles) in my hand, to shrine them in a hog’s turd.