The Canterbury Tales

What passage would best relate to the summoner's characteristics in the Summoner's Tale?

The question is regarding the SUmmoner's Tale

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Chaucer carefully shows us the Summoner, quaking with anger, after hearing the Friar’s Tale, and those pious readers who might have thought that the Friar’s Tale veered close to the line of blasphemous sin would likely have been straight out offended by the Summoner’s. It is a bilious, aggressive tale which does not even consider pulling its punches, and the Friar’s contempt is roundly “quyt” with a full-on, unrelenting attack from the Summoner.THe Summoner has such zeal in attacking the Friar. I love his description of the Friar in his story,

"Who had a fiery-red, cherubic face,

All pimpled it was; his eyes were narrow

As hot he was, and lecherous, as a sparrow;

With black and scabby brows and scanty beard;

630 He had a face that little children feared."( Translation)