The Canterbury Tales

What does the description of the Knight and his son, the Squire, show about the narrator's opinion of them

how was the knight different from his son

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The Knight is the perfect sort of midlevel man at arms. He has participated in 15 great crusades and is honourable in his endeavours. The narrator really does not say much about him. The Knight favours happy stories and doesn't like conflict. WE know even less about the the Squire, the Knight's son, who is good looking and is defined by sexual references.The squire's physical characteristics strongly hit the reader's mind, yet not much is understood about Squire. Chaucer even portrays him in a morally neutral manner, he leaves the judgement of the squire to the reader. The squire is a victim of Chaucer's prejudice portraits, where some characters get detailed representation while others get brief, basic treatment. So aside from more detail given to the Knight and age there really isn't too much that strongly separates these two.