The Canterbury Tales

"Men in the Tales are largely depicted as idiots, blindly and foolishy adhering to outdated, impractical codes of chivalry and honour." Do you agree?

I need to know the answer please, I can't understand it.


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The men in Canterbury Tales are so different that I find it hard to believe anyone would categorize them in any one way, or that they would believe the codes of chivalry and honor are impractical. Chaucer doesn't need to use his imagination to create the male figures he portrays. His characters include drunkards, knights, pilgrims, jailbirds, adulterers, and lovers. Emotions are just as varied; pious, jealous, amorous, honest, deceitful........... the list goes on and on. No male perception is pigeon holed here; he covers all the bases.

As far as impractical codes of chivalry........... when did being a gentleman acquire an antiquated status? It wasn't chivalrous 500 hundred years ago, and it certainly isn't too much to ask for today. Gentlemanly behavior is necessary and appreciated. Unfortunately, many young men no longer think it's important, and too many young women aren't sure enough of themselves to reject it.