The Canterbury Tales

compare and contrast the squire to his father, the knight

how are they alike and different

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The tale is an adventure with elements of fantasy similar to the Knight's Tale ¬ not surprising, for the Squire is the son of the Knight but with a less bombastic tone and elements of magic. The Squire personifies all the courtly chivalric qualities which his father does not expose. He is young and lusty, takes great care of his outward appearance and is always busy of staying in his lady's grace. He can sing and dance, compose songs and write poetry. He is a brilliant horseman. The Squire is a ‘lusty bachelor’ of twenty..... Both the Knight and the Squire are representatives of the aristocrats or those who seek nobility. A squire learns his future duties as a knight by attending battles. The Squire is a striking contrast to his father. True, he has seen some military action, but it was to impress his lady not his lord god. Unlike his parents, he is fashionably dressed. He is very much in love and has cultivated all the social graces, and is also aware of his duty to serve as his father’s squire