The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

who's story is being told in the " Brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao"?

Since the narrator is telling a lot of story in the text.So it kind makes people think that the story is about multiple things and many themes,But i know that it is about someone or something specific.So i'd like to have an essay answer to that or a detailed analysis.

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Oscar Wao has many narrators. He called himself "your Watcher," revealed at the last few pages of the book, which is the main voice throughout the story. But Chapter two Wildwood is obviously Lola, Oscar's sister. Yunior, Lola's girlfriend, (who, I heard, is also the narrator in Drown) is speaking in Chapter four Sentimental Education. We're back to Lola in Part II, but then shift abruptly to "your Watcher" in Chapter 5 (I guess). There was also a humorous turn where the author jumps out in Chapter six Land of the Lost in the section A NOTE FROM YOUR AUTHOR.