The Book Thief

Why does Liesel want to go to the third march with Rudy, and does she get what she wants out of it?

The bread eaters - Part 8

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Liesel wants to feed the Jews marching. In the fall, another parade of Jews takes place, and Liesel rushes to see if Max is among them. In the middle of December, a third, smaller collection of Jews is marched down the street. Rudy shows Liesel a bag containing six pieces of bread. They place the bread on the street in advance of the Jews and hide; Liesel hears Rudy's stomach growl. When the procession arrives, Jews snatch up the bread. A soldier notices Liesel and Rudy, and the two run. Liesel is kicked in the backside by a soldier, but the two receive no other punishment. Max is not among this group either.