The Book Thief

What`s the significance of Liesel and her foster mother Rosa Hubberman relationship?

Is Rosa an important person in Liesel life, if so how?

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When Liesel first arrives at Rosa and Hans' home, we immediately gravitate toward Hans because of his personality and almost instant bond with Liesel. Hans is very lovable; Rosa is pretty abrasive. But as far as significance...... yes, Rosa becomes a very important and influential person in Liesel's life. Max arrives and brings out her softer side, in the same way Liesel brings out Hans'. In turn, Liesel and Rosa's relationship improves, and Liesel sees the difference in her......

Rosa and Liesel never find the same kind of relationship she has with Hans, but Rosa does provide Liesel with a sort of motherly comfort, and she is a great example for her foster child.


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