The Book Thief

What kind of people like to be told what to do? What is the subtle implication about both tellers and people that like to be told what to do?

Viktor Chemmel is the new leader of the gang. "Liesel wondered why none of the other boys had assumed the helm, but... She realized that none of them had it… they had to be told. They liked to be told, and Viktor Chemmel liked to be the teller.

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There are two types of people in the world: leaders and followers. Being a follower is sometimes easier - going along with the crowd or following the orders of others is so much simpler than thinking for oneself. The leaders like the feeling of power that comes with assuming leadership. Part of the question of who will take over the power rests with the question of who "wants to be in charge." Throughout history we know that people want to use power; power can, however, corrupt the "teller."