The Book Thief

What is the significance of the titles of the books Liesel steals? What do these titles tell you about Liesel and the time period?

Use details.

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The common theme connecting the books that Liesel steals would be that they tell the story of her life. Each book tells a part of her story and represents not only who she becomes as a person but those she loves as well.

•.The Gravedigger's Handbook- Her little brother was buried in the same graveyard that the book was taken from. The symbolism surrounds her sense of loss over her brother and later the innocents who were killed in the war.
• The Shoulder Shrug- taken from a book burning, Liesel is taking back from Hitler
• The Whistler- read in the bomb shelter
• The Dream Carrier signifies her relationship with Max.
• The Dictionary is a token of friendship and forgiveness.
• The Last Human Stranger is important because it signifies Max marching to Dachau after being captured.


The Book Thief