The Book Thief

In the beginning of the novel, Death tells the reader, “I am often reminded of [the book thief]…I have kept her story to retell… to prove to me that you, and your human existence, are worth it.”

After reading the novel, why do you think the book thief's story proves that human existence is “worth it?”

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In the midst of all the suffering inflicted on human beings by other human beings, there continues to be hope. That hope is found in people like Max, Liesel, Hans, Rudy.... it is proved by their existence. People like this show great courage and goodness in the face of the evil. Death is admittedly perplexed by humans, they are a paradox to him. They are at once capable of twisted evil and courageous love. I think the latter outweighs the former. I think Death put his his love/hate relationship with humanity best when he simply states, “I am haunted by humans.”


The Book Thief