The Book Thief

How has Rudy and Liesel's friendship developed from the beginning to part 6? Explain why Liesel is unable to return Rudy's affection and why she would only be able to when she sees his dead body.

THe book thief part 6

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In the beginning Rudy and Liesel were merely neighbours. It isn't until Liesel takes out the neighbourhood bully that Rudy's interest is peaked. Rudy is in love with Liesel but Liesel doesn't have her head in the same space. They become the best of friends. They steal together, play together and hunger together. Rudy keeps pushing for something more than friendship but Liesel has other things on her mind. There is Max in the basement, her step parents and constant struggles for money. I think Liesel considers matters of the romantic heart to be frivolous considering the situation everybody is in. It isn't until the end of the novel when she relents to her feelings; by then it is too late.