The Book Thief

how does maz escape capture ? what happened to max's family ? whats max's reaction ?? 0_0

parts 3 - 5

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For Max, these times are loaded with conflicting emotions. One of the most intense of these is guilt. Before arriving on Himmel Street, he's already swarming with it. His fighting buddy, Walter Kugler, is a conscripted German soldier, but offers to hide Max anyway. Max is forced to leave his family. Even though his mother and the others push him out the door, he can't forgive himself for leaving them behind. When Walter brings the sad news of his family's disappearance, Max feels extra guilty about even being alive. His family almost surely has been taken to their deaths at a concentration camp. Max finds it very hard to live with this knowledge.

On the walk to Himmel Street his guilt grows. Now he feels selfish for letting the Hubermanns risk their lives by hiding him. Once he comes to know and love them, you can imaging he goes on guilt overload. But, luckily, his pleasure over their company, overcomes the guilt. Max puts his energies into creating the work of art that not only allows him an outlet for his imprisoned state, but brings immense joy into the lives of those around him.