The Book Thief

how do liesel and rudy support each other throughout the story?what kind of relationship do they have?PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION ITS VERY IMPORTANT!!

do they have trust in each other?do they comfort each other? what do they have in common?

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In September Germany invades Poland, starting World War II. Rationing begins as England and France join the fight against Germany. Liesel is moved up to the same class as Rudy and Tommy, the proper level for her age. All the students but Liesel are made to perform readings; Rudy interjects at the end that Liesel hadn't gone. The teacher, Sister Maria, refuses, but Liesel insists. Liesel cannot read her piece, so she instead begins to recite a chapter from The Grave Digger's Handbook, which she memorized from Hans' readings. Sister Maria takes Liesel into the corridor and gives her a watschen (beating) as the class laughs.

Later, Liesel is taunted by her classmate Ludwig Schmeikl. Rudy urges her to ignore Ludwig, but she instead savagely beats him. Still enraged, she also punches Tommy a few times and announces to the stunned crowd of students, "I'm not stupid." Back in class, Sister Maria punishes Liesel with a severe watschen. On the way home from school, Liesel thinks about her brother's death and the humiliating day,**** and Rudy comforts her.***** !!!!

on page 77 as well when she tries to read, he shouts out "c'mon liesel!"

on pg 79-80 is when he comforts her!

hope this helped :)