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do some research to determine why "Death" compared to the years 79 and 1346 with the year 1942. what important events happened in these years? what other years might also be used in this comparison?

part six social studies connections

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If we did a quick check of our history we can see that Death has been pretty busy. Dates of note:

79 Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

1346- bubonic plague

1942- WW2

I'm not sure if Death got overtime or not!

If my memory is accurate Pompeii and Herculaneum disappeared in 79 A.D. As for 1346, in a regression session I re-experienced a brief moment in my own death from hanging. The brief moment was when it was over. I was still in the body staring out at the opposite second floor wall of a small wooden courtyard. When asked for the date, I said, "1346". A slightly longer moment at a later date had preceded the mediaeval death. In that one I was rising rapidly away from a larger courtyard in which Madame Guillotine had released more than just my head. I was subsequently born again in the body I am still wearing. This was in 1942.

If all three of these dates are significant for me, perhaps I also perished in the ash.

The common theme of these dates is mass death and destruction. Whole villages were cleared of living beings in England during the Black Death. I've seen the current remains of one that was never again inhabited.

Other dates that could be added to the same theme 1954, when the legitimate leader of Iran was victimized by the CIA, who installed the Shah in his place to ensure that the country would remain the property of large antisocialist corporations. I954 was worse for Guatemala where the same kind of left to right wing coup d'etat resulted in internal war (with surreptitious CIA support for the men in black) that lasted into the 1980s.

1973 is another one, when Allende committed suicide by shooting himself in the back with a machine gun, and General Piece 'o Shit replaced him. The latter's subsequent tactics caused a goofly number of Chilean refugees to come to Canada.

2001 typifies this subject matter. It opened the 21st century with a false flag bang. George HW Shrub, one of the men who killed Kennedy, the Florida Shrub in charge of security at the twin towers, and the veepee, among a host of other Americans in Black Budget occupations killed close to 3000 people in one fell swoop. And then had the ridiculous temerity to blame it on people who were not there and had nothing to do with it.


Books, primary school in England 1949-53, the internet. I have read all my life, up to four books a week at one time, but they were fiction, which is an excellent source for truth, as distinct from facts. I read one serious book after half a dozen krimis as the Germans call them, and most of these were history books, focussed generally on British history, with almost a major in 18th century mores.Most of these took a good week to read. Since I retired, I have quit reading fiction. I have a large collection of art books, including the complete works of Vincent van Gogh. Incidentally the most succinct and best history of the 20th century is "From JFK to 911". Google it.

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